The experience of our patients speaks for us!

Dental excellence at a reasonable price.
This review will take a minute, but if you are considering dental work, take a moment with me here.

What can I say about Boca Dental?

  • Professional
  • Responsive
  • Masterful work
  • Reasonably priced (even “inexpensive” by western standards)
  • Trustworthy
  • Gentle touch
  • Private room
  • Sanitary and CLEAN

Basically, everything you would want from a dental experience.
I’ll tell you about my personal experience and I’ll try to “bring you with me”

Earlier in the year, I chipped my front tooth on an old piece of fishing line (my mother always told me… and I admit she was right) and as it wasn’t anything severe or painful, I simply looked like the guy from Dumb and Dumber for the springtime, no big deal.

Searching Google Maps for local dentists my girlfriend and I found Boca Oficina Dental had (at the time of this review) 30 reviews, all 5 stars, others don’t come close, so we decided to give Boca Dental a try.

We scheduled cleanings (on the same day)via the Google Maps “contact” chat function. Dr Torres was responsive and offered Spanish or English (He’s also learning French btw) support. At our appointment, we were greeted by an ultra-modern front room. AC was blasting chill music on the playlist, low lighting comfortable chairs, security cams, and some literature. If it wasn’t a Dentist’s office it was a lounge to a speakeasy.

Dr. Torres took my girlfriend back first, and before beginning, they discussed her desire for Invasaline or braces, options, costs, and pros/cons for about 20 minutes. Although Dr. Torres doesn’t do “invisaline” products, he was very helpful in examining, recommending, and explaining the other pros and cons of all the products on the market. Knowledgeable, and honest are the best combination.

As my girlfriend returned from her cleaning, she smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

My turn, Dr. Torres ask me for 5 minutes to clean and reset his workspace. Then, I enter the back room to see Dr. Torres changing out his work gloves, mask, and FULL BODYSUIT. He wads them up and throws them away. Suits up 100% for me, pulls out a new set of tools, then opens them from their sealed plastic and lays them out on his work desk. Invites me to sit down, and begins working. Confidence? 100%

As I am laying there I notice all the small details that make this Dentist Office…. enjoyable? He’s got:
– Back-lit ceiling lights that light the room in RGB colors (mood lighting) no bulbs are visible and it well it without being harsh.
– A very modern and spaceship-like dental chair with all the bells and whistles This isn’t your father’s dentist.
– A hanging television from the ceiling with a movie (on mute, with Spanish subs) running in the background.
– A great playlist running quietly in the background. It’s vocal acoustic covers or some relaxed version of dance music. Think “coffee shop” or “dinner with friends” playlist on Spotify.

I’m in heaven!
The cleaning was thorough and easy. No bloody gums or “hot spots”. I never tasted blood or felt anxious. Just a smooth and quiet procedure, with a nice polishing at the end that I love to feel afterward. We discussed my chipped front tooth, and also a whitening (I thought, hell, since I’m here ready and this guy is great, what else do I want?) as possible next steps.

This is where Dr. Torres shines: When I asked about whitening (25  years of daily coffee, and I’d never done before), he said that he does NOT recommend tooth whitening. He listed a lot of reasons not to get it done, and then he said something important: “I am focused on the health of your teeth, and since whitening damages the, I do not recommend that. I’ll do it, but only if you insist”.

He tried to talk me out of it. Ever hear of a Dentist do that?
Cleaning ($800/45 USD)
Whitening ($2,100/95 USD)
Chipped front tooth ($900/45 USD)

I’ll leave you with this: If you can spot the repair in my front tooth, go to another dentist. If you cant, Dr. Torres at Boca Dental is your new dentist in PV —  Dustin Wendling

Arrived in Puerto Vallarta on vacation also needing dental work. I was given Boca Oficina Dental for a dentist. Went in on monday had a new bridge on friday fitted perfectly and in place. Great job friendly service top of my first dentist. Now we get to go back to PV early on vacation and visit the dentist. Almost sounds like I enjoyed the dentist hmmmmm —  Karen Tolliver

On our visit to PV my wife and I found this dental office first out of necessity. I had lost a previous filling on day 2 of the week long stay. The pain was distracting me for  a relaxing vacation but Federico took care of that right away! Clean, professional and always making sure you are comfotable. Will definitely back to see them on our next visit —  Michael Kirby

Short trip to PV from Canada and make a dental appoinment through FB. Service was excellent, responsive comunication, easy english. Federico was very patient, explained my options with no presure. Very comfortable —  Graham Martens

For the past 3 years since my old dentist in the U.S. retired, I’ve been searching for a new dentist, I’ve gathered quite a few recommendations for dentist in Puerto Vallarta, and decided to give a dental tourism a try. I admit that, with experience, I became more careful about whom I let drill into my teeth; from my dentist I demand skill, communication, reliability and patience. I’ve seen a handful of dentist in Puerto Vallarta before getting to Dr. Federico Torres, who met all my requirements. To start, I contacted him via email. He responded quickly, in perfect english and got an appointment right away. His office is conveniently located in Marina Vallarta, has a clean and lovely decor, and calming spa-like atmosphere. I showed up a little early, but Dr. Torres was already waiting for me with a welcoming smile. He patiently answered my many questions about his qualifications, the treatment I needed, etc. and did not act annoyed when I told him I needed every step explained before proceeding. Dr. Torres has a gentle and careful touch and he took his time to execute the procedure correctly. His prices are also more than fair. He made the whole experience seem like spa treatment and I am so glad my quest for a dentist is finally over! I am whole-heartedy recommending Dr. Torres to all my friends and family members because he deserve it —  Lumi Stancu