Dr. Federico Torres

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You are our top priority. At Boca Dental Office you’ll find high-quality dental services personalized for your own needs.

We believe every smile has its own personality, that’s why we care so much about the aesthetics and characteristics of every one of your teeth. Likewise, we want the results of our treatments not just to be a success on our side, but to give you that confidence to rock that smile!

Meet our team

Dr Federico Torres
Dr. Federico Guillermo Torres Delgadillo

Dental Aesthetic and Oral Rehab Specialist

Dr Daniel Rodríguez
Dr. Eduardo Daniel Rodriguez Quintero

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr Luis Martínez
Dr. Luis Carlos Martínez Garibay

Root Canal Treatment Specialist

Laura Tapia
Laura Elena Tapia Briceño

Dental Hygienist

Jorge Ledón
Jorge Ulises Ledón Solórzano

Dental Assistant

Yasmin Torres
Yasmin Torres Delgadillo

Marketing and Customer Service

Dentista en Puerto Vallarta, BOCA Oficina Dental

Fix your smile, change your life

BOCA Dental Office it’s the leading dental center in Puerto Vallarta. We’re experts in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, and oral rehabilitation after surgery.

Through our multidisciplinary staff and our state-of-the-art facilities, we will provide you personalized, high-quality dentistry treatments that will meet all your dental needs. 

Don’t waste any more time! Get in touch with us today and let our qualified staff give you the treatment that will change your life.